Vienna/Frantschach/Zeltweg, 13 December 2012 Press release

Lopatka: Euro does not force prices up

State Secretary Lopatka on Europe Information Tour in Carinthia and Styria

Vienna/Frantschach/Zeltweg, 13 December 2012 – "Mondi represents the sort of companies that have taken full advantage of the opportunities offered by the European Union and the euro. Mondi employs 2500 people in Austria, 450 of them in Frantschach in Carinthia and as many in Zweltweg in the province of Styria", State Secretary Reinhold Lopatka said who visited the Mondi company in Frantschach, Carinthia in the morning and the Zweltweg facility in the afternoon today in the course of the EU Information Tour "DARUM EUROPA". On his tour, Lopatka engages the staff of the companies he visits in discussions about Europe.

"The euro is no "teuro", i.e. it does not force prices up. Compared to the dollar the euro has always improved in value and with the euro, inflation is lower than it was with the former Austrian currency, the Schilling", Lopatka said.

"Austrian companies are very successful and they have been using the European momentum since our accession to the EU to increase their exports. Austria earns 6 out of every 10 euros from export and 70% of our exports go to other EU member states. The EU and our membership in it are of vital importance for Austrian companies and their employees. These connections are often overlooked", the State Secretary said.

"We must not forget that the Austrian regions and provinces profit enormously from the EU's support schemes. In our discussion, the Mondi workforce in Frantschach expressed their wish for continued support through EU promotion programmes", Lopatka concluded.

The DARUM EUROPA information tour will continue until July 2013 and will take State Secretary Lopatka to 28 companies in all nine Austrian provinces.

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