Vienna, 28 December 2012 Press release

Lopatka: EU looks at Austrian model

2013 - After crisis management it is now time to tackle issues of the future

Vienna, 28 December 2012 - "After years of crisis management, the EU will now have to shift its focus to the future of the continent. 2012 was dominated by measures fighting the financial and economic crisis: With the fiscal pact, the European Stability Mechanism ESM and a joint European banking regulator, the EU has responded in an all-encompassing manner to the crisis and taken effective steps to prevent any bank and national debt crises getting out of hand in future", State Secretary Lopatka said looking back on 2012. 

"We must now shift the future of the European continent into focus and concentrate in particular, on fighting the high unemployment levels and developing the political union further. More than 25 million unemployed people in Europe are currently the biggest challenge facing the EU countries", the State Secretary said and continued: "Austria is a success story in the EU in terms of employment. Our successful dual apprenticeship training system and the economic framework conditions have earned us the lowest unemployment rate in the EU. The Irish EU Presidency and other European states are showing great interest in our model." 

Eurobonds are the wrong signal! 

"To create jobs, the EU needs to increase its competitiveness, which includes doing our homework, consolidating national budgets and implementing reforms. I believe that a communitisation of debts before Greece, Spain and Italy, but also France have implemented the necessary reforms would be a false approach. Introducing Eurobonds now, as demanded by the Austrian Chancellor, is the wrong signal", Lopatka said. 

"We have every reason to look ahead to 2013 with optimism. The EU and the eurozone have successfully come through a rough patch and the coming year will bring further improvement of the situation. Even London, the Eurosceptical banking centre, acknowledged at the end of the year that the measures taken in the crisis-ridden countries of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland have proved successful and the economies in these countries are picking up again", State Secretary Lopatka concluded.


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