Vienna, 11 September 2012 Press release

Lopatka sworn in as new State Secretary in the Austrian Foreign Ministry

Vienna, 11 September 2012– Dr. Reinhold Lopatka (Austrian People's Party - ÖVP) was sworn in as State Secretary in the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs today by Austrian President Dr. Heinz Fischer.

Reinhold Lopatka, who was born in the Province of Styria, is taking on the function of State Secretary in an Austrian government for the third time. He is the successor to Dr. Wolfgang Waldner in the Austrian Foreign Ministry and in accordance with his decree of appointment will support the work of Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger in all external and European policy agendas.

Lopatka has many years of experience and political expertise at home and abroad. He has consistently given clear proof of his European convictions in his positions as foreign policy spokesperson for the ÖVP, as State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, State Secretary for Sports and as an Austrian Member of Parliament.

Directly after his appointment the dedicated sportsman and marathon runner said that in addition to foreign policy agendas, the focus of his work would above all be on tasks in the European Union. He already had preliminary meetings with EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn and the Austrian Members of European Parliament in Brussels last week.

“On the one hand I will be representing numerous Austrian interests during EU negotiations in Brussels and I will bring in and establish a decisive position to the negotiations on the future EU budget – in what is referred to as the European multiannual financial framework for 2014-2020. On the other hand, I am personally committed to being a contact partner for all Austrians on EU issues and to give direct account for all my actions”, the State Secretary said following the swearing-in ceremony.

“In times like these in particular, when numerous prejudiced and false reports have made many people unsure about the EU, with the crisis dominating the media and the fears people have being played upon, my intention is to set a clear counterpoint through the work I do. The aim of my tasks is to establish the conviction and make it perfectly clear that we – and above all our children – have the best perspectives for the future in a strong EU with a firmly established currency union”, the State Secretary said, who is himself father of three sons.

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