Vienna/Geneva, 17 September 2012 Press release

“Shocked about human rights violations in Syria”

Secretary General Johannes Kyrle at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

Vienna/Geneva, 17 September 2012 – “The Syrian regime must finally respect its people’s wish for dignity, security and justice. President Assad has lost any legitimacy”, Austrian Secretary General for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Johannes Kyrle said at the session of the UN Human Rights Council with the independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria in Geneva today.

According to the latest report of the Commission of Inquiry, 125 children have been killed since mid-February 2012 alone; government troops are alleged to have raped children and women, and opposition forces are accused of employing child soldiers. Kyrle: “In view of these atrocities, we are repeating our demand to bring the situation in Syria before the International Criminal Court. There must be no impunity for serious violations of human rights.”

“The international community and the United Nations must spare no effort to convince the parties to the conflict in Syria to take up negotiations. Given the more than 25,000 victims and 250,000 refugees from Syria, the people in charge must finally understand that there can be no military solution to this conflict”, Kyrle concluded.

Besides his participation in the debate of the UN Human Rights Council, Ambassador Kyrle is also meeting the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, members of the Commission of Inquiry on Syria, the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, and other high-level international representatives in Geneva.


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