Vienna, 10 October 2012 Press release

Experts say ancient Mexican headdress not fit for air transport

Austrian cultural goods agreements with Mexico and Albania discussed in the Foreign Affairs Committee

Vienna, 10 October, 2012 – “I am pleased to note that the Foreign Affairs Committee consented to the agreement between Austria and the Republic of Albania and the agreement between Austria and Mexico on the loan and/or exchange of cultural goods”, State Secretary Lopatka said at the Council’s session today.

“Austria is going to provide as a loan the sword and helmet of the Albanian national hero Skanderbeg for an exhibition in Tirana to mark the 100th anniversary of Albania’s independence”, Lopatka said. The helmet and the Oriental sword are part of a Hapsburg collection and are now being given to Albania as a loan from the Vienna Collection of Arms and Armour for the celebrations.

Another topic on today’s agenda was an agreement on cultural exchange between Mexico and Austria. Lopatka: “According to an expertise of Vienna University of Technology, the ancient Mexican headdress, a feather-work crown, is not fit for air transport. The expert report was commissioned by Mexico.”

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