Vienna, 13 July 2011 Press release

Waldner: "Courts of Auditors are the basic pillars of the rule of law"

State Secretary at the opening of the INTOSAI symposium in Vienna

Vienna, 13 July 2011 – "In times of strict budgetary discipline, the examination of the proper use of public money is more urgent than ever. Independent control by the Courts of Auditors ensures that public funds are used transparently and efficiently", stressed State Secretary Wolfgang Waldner at the opening of the 21st symposium of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) together with the United Nations (UNO) in the Vienna International Centre. The work of the Courts of Auditors strengthens the confidence of the people in the government and public administration, and constitutes a basic pillar of the rule of law.

Since it was founded in 1953, INTOSAI has been serving as an international forum for knowledge transfer and opinion exchange among supreme audit institutions for all United Nations member states. "As the seat of the general secretariat, Austria is particularly interested in the worldwide promotion of transparency, accountability, and credibility of state institutions", the State Secretary explained.

State Secretary Waldner thanked in particular the president of the Austrian Court of Auditors Josef Moser for his great commitment as secretary general of INTOSAI. An initiative for the universal recognition of Guidelines on Auditing Precepts (declarations of Lima and Mexico) was launched under his guidance within the framework of the UN, which also received the support of the Foreign Ministry. The adoption of a resolution on the INTOSAI initiative in the UN Economic and Social Council in April 2011 was already considered a first success.

„I call upon the international community to also support us in bringing in a resolution in the UN General Assembly in autumn", Waldner concluded.

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