Vienna, 5 September 2011 Press release

Waldner: „Aviation industry is important for Austria as a business location“

State Secretary Waldner at the opening of the 10th Aviation Symposium of the Austrian Aviation Association

Monday, 5 September 2011 – „The Austrian Foreign Ministry considers it one of its most important duties to support Austrian companies at home and abroad to the best of its abilities. This, of course, also applies to Austrian aviation companies“, said State Secretary Wolfgang Waldner in his opening speech today at the 10th Aviation Symposium of the Austrian Aviation Association.

„ The aviation industry is an important part of the overall image of a nation’s economy. Flight connections and airports are among those factors that play a decisive role in the attractiveness of a business location“, explained the State Secretary, emphasizing that „ground-breaking decisions for aviation always involve a fundamental positioning of the entire economy“.

Against the background of intensive competition for markets and customers, global air alliances are gaining ever greater significance" added the State Secretary in his opening speech. „This presents the Austrian aviation industry with new challenges. Therefore, in the future we shall focus even more intensively on the general conditions of global competition to ensure that it remains fair and regulated. I am confident that globalization will be increasingly accompanied by global competition standards“, concluded Waldner.

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