Vienna, 13 September 2011 Press release

Waldner: “Austria expects stronger involvement in the decision-making processes on the further development of Temelin power station”

Chairwoman of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament pays a visit to the Foreign Ministry

Vienna, 13 September 2011 – During her official visit to Austria, the Chairwoman of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament, Miroslava Nemcová, met with State Secretary Dr. Wolfgang Waldner for an exchange of opinions at the Foreign Ministry. Nemcová was accompanied by a delegation of members of parliament.

First, Waldner paid tribute to the very good bilateral relations, in particular the close economic ties: “As far as trade volume is concerned, the Czech Republic is Austria’s fourth most important trading partner behind Germany, Italy, and Switzerland and just ahead of China, and the most important trading partner in Central and Eastern Europe. Our enterprises have become well established in this area and intend to grow further. This is a win-win situation for both the Czech as well as the Austrian economy.”

The meeting also focused on the development of transport infrastructure. Nemcová and Waldner agreed that further efforts will be necessary for an improvement of the road and rail connections. EU regional subsidies also played a major role in these areas.

State Secretary Waldner also addressed the justified worries of the Austrian population and their need for safety with regard to the nuclear power stations near the Austrian border: “Nuclear cooperation between Austria and the Czech Republic has been good and transparent so far. However, we call for Austria’s increased involvement in the decision-making processes concerning the development of Temelin power station, in particular for a public hearing in Austria within the framework of the environmental impact assessment procedure,” said the State Secretary.

The discussions also included the situation in North Africa, in particular Libya. Waldner said that “the European Union has to provide support in order to ensure successful democratisation in the Arab world. In the interests of Europe’s security, failure cannot be an option.”

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