Vienna, 25 October 2011 Press release

Waldner: “Austria appreciates Portugal’s reform efforts“

Portugal’s State Secretaries Luis Morais Leitao and Carlos Moedas meet their Austrian Foreign Ministry counterpart

Vienna, 25 October 2011 – State Secretary Wolfgang Waldner today met his Portuguese counterparts Leitao and Moedas for an inspired exchange of opinions in the interest of new economic diplomacy. The delegation from Portugal provided detailed information about their reform efforts with the aim of promoting Portugal’s economy through structural measures and reducing the budget deficit at the same time. “We welcome the positive report of the troika (note: European Commission / European Central Bank / International Monetary Fund) and have great respect for the radical reform programme of the Portuguese government which has fully restored the trust of the international community in Portugal”, Waldner said commenting on the Portuguese adjustment programme.

Another topic on the agenda was the current discussion at European level to bring the euro crisis under control. Both sides agreed that the great challenges to be faced in the stabilisation of the European currency could only be overcome by concerted action and that the adoption of a strategic set of measures would be essential to give a positive signal to the capital markets. “It is important that the EU member states work hand-in-hand to keep our common currency strong and stable“, said Waldner with reference to the European Council on Wednesday.

The State Secretaries also talked about the coming EU budget, the multiannual financial framework as it is called, which has been under negotiation since this past summer. At bilateral level, a joint project of the Austrian Development Agency ADA and the Portuguese agency in Serbia was discussed together with possible promotions for the Portuguese economy.


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