Vienna, 28 December 2011 Press release

Spindelegger on the imminent government formation in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

“2012 could become a successful year for Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina must make up for time lost”

Vice Chancellor Michael Spindelegger welcomed the news that the political representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina have reached agreement on the formation of a coalition government at state level. Almost 15 months after the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2010, the leaders of the most important political parties and ethnic groups agreed on 28 December to form a coalition government that is to take up work before the end of the year. According to Spindelegger, the country now finally has the “requisite political tools to take decisive action and meet the challenges the country is facing.”

“I am confident that the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina – irrespective of their ethnic and religious affiliation or their political persuasion – will now finally have a government that is aware of its responsibility and also of the opportunity to steer the country towards the European Union at the earliest possible time”, Spindelegger said in his first reaction to the news.

The Vice Chancellor assumes that it would be perfectly possible to meet the prerequisites demanded by the European Union for filing an application for accession to the EU and to implement the reforms necessary for this step in the course of the coming year if the future government team in Sarajevo pushed forwards into the New Year with optimism, vigour and a reforming spirit. “Bosnia and Herzegovina is still facing major challenges at the beginning of the New Year, but with the new state government it also has the opportunity to make 2012 a year of success. Austria will continue to support its partners and friends both in the Western Balkans and in the region as a whole with words and deeds”, the Foreign Minister concluded.

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