Vienna, 25 November 2011 Press release

Spindelegger on resignation of Yemenite President Saleh

Vienna, 25 November 2011 – “President Saleh has done the right thing by finally resigning. This is a first step towards a solution of the political crisis in Yemen and towards introducing urgently needed reforms of the country’s administration and economy”, Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger said today in his comment on the agreement to cede power signed by Yemenite President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

“The citizens of Yemen have fought for their democratic rights with great commitment and had to pay a high price in blood. They must not be let down now. It is decisive that all political actors waive any further violence and cooperate pro-actively for the benefit of their country and its people”, Spindelegger continued.

The Foreign Minister praised, in particular, the endeavours of the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council for an orderly hand-over of power in Yemen. “The political players in Yemen owe it to the members of the Cooperation Council to join forces and tackle peaceful restoration of their country with concerted efforts. The attention of the international community must not fade after the power has changed hands”, Spindelegger said and added that Austria was ready to contribute its share and support Yemen within the framework of the international community.

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