Vienna, 24 November 2011 Press release

Spindelegger: „A milestone in strengthening transparency and corruption prevention“

UN General Assembly adopts Austrian resolution initiative for strengthening external public financial control by consensus

Vienna, 24 November 2011 - „Public financial control is an essential component of a democratic rule of law. It impedes the abuse of power, and is a crucial instrument for corruption prevention and transparent governance“, said Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Spindelegger, expressing his satisfaction for the success of the Austrian initiative on external public financial control.

The Austrian resolution initiative was adopted with broad support by the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly on 22 November. The resolution stresses the important role of courts of auditors in developing an efficient state administration, and urges the member states to sustainably ensure and strengthen the independence of the courts of auditors.

„The independence of the courts of auditors is of utmost importance for the efficiency, transparency, and accountability of the state administration. Public audit institutions thus contribute to the legitimacy of state intervention. In addition, it guarantees that an efficient and sustainable control function is carried out by the parliaments and strengthens the people’s confidence in state institutions“, the Foreign Minister added.

The initiative was launched by the President of the Austrian Court of Auditors, Josef Moser in his capacity as head of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI). The central objective of INTOSAI is to strengthen the independence of external public financial control. The resolution expressly acknowledges the work of INTOSAI and encourages the UN and its member states to cooperate with INTOSAI.

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