Rome, 12 October 2011 Press release

Commemoration ceremony to mark the 130th birthday of Hans Kelsen at the Accadamia dei Lincei in Rome

Presentation of a new edition of “Die Wiener rechtstheoretische Schule” – with work by Hans Kelsen, Adolf Merkl and Alfred Verdross

Rome, 12 October 2011 – A new edition of the landmark work in jurisprudence and theory of state was presented in Rome under the patronage of Austrian Federal President Heinz Fischer and Italian President of State Giorgio Napolitano. The accompanying commemorative act was an initiative of Austrian Ambassador Berlakovits, Italian academics and supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome; it was held at the renowned “Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei”. The book with writings of Hans Kelsen, Adolf Merkl and Alfred Verdross edited by Hans R. Klecatsky, René Marcic and Herbert Schambeck is published by “Verlag Österreich” publishers.

The leading Italian academics Professors Stelio Mangiameli, Mario G. Losano, Gian Luigi Tosato and Damiano Nocilla and also former Speaker of the Austrian Federal Council and co-editor em.Univ.-Prof. Dr.Dr.h.c mult. Herbert Schambeck presented the book.

Hans Kelsen, Adolf Merkl and Alfred Verdross founded the Viennese School of Jurisprudence with their work. The contributions they made to the theory of the state and law, public law, political science and the philosophy of law have achieved international importance. Ambassador Berlakovits also pointed out in his address that the theory of Hans Kelsen has been of great practical significance in the Austrian constitution.

The event was attended by numerous leading academics, ecclesiastics and politicians.

An exhibition on Hans Kelsen and his work is also to be held in Rome in the coming months; it will be organised jointly with the Vienna Hans Kelsen Institute.

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