Vienna/Bangkok, 3 November 2011 Press release

Austrian Embassy in Bangkok helps flood victims in Thailand

“Private initiative for flood victims collects 18,000 euros in a single week”

Vienna / Bangkok, 3 November 2011 – In the wake of the disastrous floods in Thailand, the team of the Austrian Embassy in Bangkok organised a fundraising campaign for humanitarian emergency aid upon the initiative of Ambassador Johannes Peterlik and his wife Ria-Ursula Peterlik providing immediate and emergency humanitarian aid for flood victims with no bureaucratic hurdles. Bank accounts for donations have been opened in Austria and Thailand to support urgently needed humanitarian measures. The fundraising campaign has been organised by the Embassy together with the well-known Wat Prayong Meditation Centre in Nong Chok, located directly in the area affected by the floods, Phra Acharn Phet, the Abbot of this Buddhist monastery, and Austrian Buddhist nun Mae Chee Brigitte Schrottenbacher, who has been working in Thailand for more than 23 years.
Over half the donations received had been used for buying urgently needed relief items by 31 October. “Every euro donated goes straight to the flood victims”, Ambassador Peterlik said.
Thanks to the donation initiative, the aid station for flood victims in the town of Ayuddhaya has been able to provide 1000 meals a day to people affected. An additional 5000 emergency packages have been distributed via Thai army trucks and helicopters to other victims cut off by the floods. Further emergency aid provisions include gas cookers, flashlights and batteries for people in areas where the electricity supply has failed, together with blankets and clothing for flood victims.
Thailand has experienced the heaviest rainfall and most serious floods for 50 years over the past few months. Around nine million people in the north and centre of the country have lost their homes. About one third of all the provinces in Thailand have been affected by the flood.
Donations can be made to pay “Thailand – Flutopfer” to the following accounts in Austria or Thailand:

In Austria:
Brigitte Schrottenbacher
Account number 513-10-785-010
IBAN: at251400051310785010
Sorting code 14000
In Thailand:
Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
0382 Sub-Branch Big C Tiwanon
Brigitte Schrottenbacher
Account number 382-204533-1
Swift code: sicothbk
For further inquiries please contact:
the Austrian Embassy in Bangkok
Phone: +66836160480