New York, 15 December 2010 Press release

UN Security Council terminates restrictive measures against Iraq

Secretary General Kyrle: “Iraq is opening a new chapter in its history"

New York, 15 December 2010 – “The UN Security Council today has sent out a signal of acknowledgement for Iraq’s efforts to fulfil its international obligations and resolve its political problems in a democratic manner”, stated the Secretary-General of the Ministry for European and International Affairs, Ambassador Johannes Kyrle, at today’s meeting of the UN Security Council in New York. “The lifting of various restrictive measures will enable Iraq to return to the international community of states as a responsible and sovereign member. This will provide Iraq with the great opportunity to finally overcome the painful chapter of its history.”

At today’s high-ranking meeting, which was headed by US Vice President Joseph Biden, the Security Council unanimously adopted a presidential statement and three resolutions. The main purpose of these decisions is to abolish restrictions against Iraq’s nuclear activities which have existed for almost twenty years. The measures had been imposed against Iraq in 1991 following the first Gulf War. In addition, the Development Fund for Iraq was extended for the last time until 30 June 2011. For a limited period, it offers Iraq a certain degree of protection for its oil revenues and promotes the country’s reconstruction. The third resolution will wind up the oil-for-food programme, which was terminated some time ago. As a consequence, Iraq will additionally benefit from some 600 million dollars within the framework of the Development Fund.

“Today, the Security Council has also sent out a signal of confidence and hope in Iraq’s positive development”, stated Secretary-General Johannes Kyrle. “At the same time it is clear that Iraq has still some way to go in order to fulfil all necessary obligations and justify the trust placed in it. This includes that Iraq guarantees Kuwait’s borders and pro-actively conducts a search for missing Kuwaitis.” The official commitment to disarmament and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons issued by the Iraqi leadership will have to be followed by some practical steps such as the ratification of the IAEA Additional Protocol and the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. “Today, the world has realised that Iraq no longer constitutes a threat to world peace. It is now up to Iraq to prove as swiftly as possible that it has become a partner in disarmament”, emphasised the Secretary General in his conclusion.

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