Vienna, 7 June 2010 Press release

Spindelegger: “Slovenia’s YES sends out a positive signal to the entire Balkans”

Foreign Minister welcomes Slovenia’s approval of a border agreement with Croatia

Vienna, 7 June 2010 – “This is a victory for Slovenia’s future-oriented forces. Slovenia and Croatia have taken a major step towards a final solution to the border dispute which has been a burden on the relations between the two states for many years,” stated Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger, welcoming the outcome of the referendum held in Slovenia on Sunday. Following Croatia’s earlier consent, the Slovene people have now given their approval through a 51.5% vote in favour of arbitration aimed at a final settlement of their border dispute.

“This outcome of the referendum removes a stumbling block on Croatia’s path to the European Union. Thus, on their own, through negotiation and by democratic means, the two parties have succeeded in solving a dispute which was often conducted in a highly emotive manner,” emphasised Spindelegger. “This should also send out positive signals to the entire Western Balkans, where a number of problems between states are still to be resolved,” concluded the Foreign Minister.

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