Vienna, 18 October 2010 Press release

Spindelegger congratulates the five new members of the UN Security Council

Vienna, 13 October 2010 – “Yesterday, the UN General Assembly elected five new non-permanent members to the Security Council. I congratulate Germany, India, Colombia, Portugal and South Africa on their election. From 1 January 2011, the five new members shall assume great responsibility for the peace and security of our world,” affirmed Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger.

This means that Austria’s successors in the UN Security Council have now been established.
“From the beginning of next year, four EU countries - including Germany and Portugal - will be represented within the UN’s highest body. This ensures that Europe’s voice will continue to be clearly heard in the Security Council. I am also confident that the new members will seek to co-operate closely with the EU and its High Representative. Our common goal must be to ensure that the EU’s voice will be heard within the UN, and that its influence shall continue to make itself felt in the future,” continued Spindelegger.

“Austria has been fulfilling this responsible task with much dedication and energy over the past 21 months. In the remaining time we shall be committed to substantial improvements in the protection of civilians, compliance with international humanitarian law, and the further strengthening of the role of women in the resolution of conflicts,” asserted the Foreign Minister. Austria was elected a member of the Security Council on 17 October 2008, and has been a member during 2009 and 2010. Austria’s term on the UN Security Council shall come to an end on 31 December.

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