Abu Dhabi, 2 February 2010 Press release

Signing of a film and production agreement in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, 2 February 2010  –  A film and television production agreement was signed today in the residence of the Austrian Ambassador Dr. Julius Lauritsch in Abu Dhabi between the Austrian film production company  “SPHINX FILMS INT” (founder: Ahmed Radwan, an Austrian of Egyptian descent) and the production company „IC Emirates“, the operator of Abu Dhabi TV. Several artists and filmmakers were present, including Abeer Isa (Jordan), Layla Alsalman (Kuwait), Maysaa’ Mograbi (United Arab Emirates/ UAE), Shehab Johar (Kuwait), Alaa’ Alnoa’imey (UAE) and Mansour Al Gasani (UAE). 

„IC Emirates“ has developed a concept for the production of a television series, part of which will be shot in Austria. The objective of the agreement is the promotion of cooperation projects between Austria and the United Arab Emirates in the area of film and television, thus offering the opportunity of making a contribution to the development of cultural relations between the two countries. Moreover, the agreement will allow relations between Austria and the United Arab Emirates in the area of film and television to be extended to the entire Arab region.

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