Vienna, 15 October 2010 Press release

Opening of the Together Against Human Trafficking Event

Human trafficking: “The protection of victims and prosecution of offenders are top priorities”

Vienna, 15 October 2010 – “Human trafficking is a particularly blatant violation of the most fundamental human rights. Today there are about thirty million enslaved people in the world, and those most affected by its modern incarnations are women and girls,” emphasised Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger, national co-ordinator of the fight against human trafficking, who opened today’s event together with State Secretary Christine Marek.
To mark the EU’s Anti-Trafficking Day, the Foreign Ministry, in conjunction with Vienna’s Diplomatic Academy, organised a joint event under the title Together Against Human Trafficking.

Austria supports the fight against human trafficking - both at the European and international levels: Vienna is also home to the competent UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
Today’s event underlines Austria’s wish for joint commitment. Another goal is to inform Austrians about this cruel – and often covert – crime, as there are also people in Austria who are forced to work in conditions reminiscent of slavery.
“The protection of victims and the prosecution of offenders, as well as combating the hidden structures of organised crime, are top priorities and shall also signify extra security for Austrians. In this effort Austria’s internal Human Trafficking Task Force, headed by the Foreign Ministry, is fulfilling an important task by acting as a networking tool linking ministries, the federal provinces and NGOs,” stated the national co-ordinator.

The Human Trafficking –Slavery in the 21st Century exhibition, organised under the auspices of the Foreign Ministry, was inaugurated within the framework of the aforementioned event.

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