Vienna, 22 March 2010 Press release

New cultural cooperation by Foreign Ministry with Romania

Opening of an Austrian library in Jassy

Vienna, 22 March 2010 - The fifty-sixth Austrian library was officially opened today at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Jassy. It is located in a historical annex that also houses the Centre for European Studies, the Jean Monnet Library for European Studies and the Centre for Jewish and Hebrew Studies.

Since the reunification of Europe, the network of Austrian libraries has become an essential component of Austria´s cooperation with other countries. It also highlights the importance attached to cultural exchange with central, eastern and south-eastern Europe, where long-term perspectives are vital. The entire Danube region and countries bordering the Black Sea are a central focus of Austrian foreign cultural policy.

"The Danube region offers enormous cultural potential for the future," says ambassador Dr. Emil Brix, head of the Cultural Affairs Section in the Foreign Ministry. "Austria´s cultural initiative will also foster progress in the EU Danube region concept, which should be finalised by the end of the year. Our focus on the Danube region is designed to demonstrate the positive effects of cultural networks for the people throughout the entire region."

"The establishment of the Austrian library in Jassy will help students to learn about the diverse aspects of Austrian culture. Especially in towns where Austria is not represented either by an embassy or other official establishments, our Austrian libraries encourage cultural and scientific dialogue by means of a tried and tested transborder network that attracts a wide public. This fourth Austrian library in Romania will strengthen our joint cultural relations in the long term," concludes ambassador Brix.

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