Budapest, 9 March 2010 Press release

Focus on Elfriede Jelinek in Budapest

Hungarian premiere of her play Stecken, Stab und Stangl

Budapest, 9 March 2010 – Trafo - House of Contemporary Art in Budapest, in conjunction with the Panodrama Theatre Workshop and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Budapest, is dedicating a three-day series of events to the Austrian author and dramatist Elfriede Jelinek, who is but little known in Hungary. Entitled Racism – Hypocrisy – Nobel Prize the programme has been produced and staged by Anna Lengyel, dramatic adviser and director of Panodrama. The themes addressed by Jelinek in her plays – racism, anti-Semitism, coming to terms with the past and reasons for society’s rejection of the Roma – are elaborated in a number of workshops and panel discussions from the viewpoint of theatre pedagogy.

The evening programme presents plays by Elfriede Jelinek, a different one each evening. The focus on Jelinek will be rounded off with the Hungarian premiere of her play Stecken, Stab und Stangl, translated by Zoltan Halasi and directed by Austro-Romanian director Róbert Pejó.

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