Madrid, 2 March 2010 Press release

Erich Hackl in Madrid

Literary encounters of the Austrian author with Spanish colleagues

Madrid, 1 March 2010 A lively discussion between Erich Hackl and the Spanish author Belén Gopegui took place in the ceremonial hall of the Spanish National Library on Monday, 22 February 2010 as part of the „Tramas Europeas“ cycle.

The most important works of Hackl, who is an authority on Spain, are also available in a Spanish translation, and his latest book „Love at first sight“ came out a few weeks ago in Barcelona.

Belén Gopegui works in Madrid, and is a well-known author, playwright, and screenwriter. Her first novel titled La escala de los mapas“received several literature awards.

The objective of this series of literary encounters is to bring contemporary European literature closer together.

Another meeting from this series took place in the Representation of the European Commission in Madrid on 24 February 2010: „European Literature on Wednesday; Talks between authors, translators, and the public“. This project launched by EUNIC España in cooperation with the Representation of the European Commission introduces authors and their translators into Spanish to a wider audience, and questions the importance of translation for Europe’s literary life. It consists of 8 events taking place between January and June 2010.

Erich Hackl, himself an experienced translator, and his Spanish translators Esperanza Romero and Richard Gross, talked about translation strategies, contrasting linguistic structures in German and Spanish, and about the documentary aspect of Hackl’s works and their literary and non-literary impact through time. The audience vividly participated in the discussion.

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