Paris, 30 March 2010 Press release

Celebration of the 200th anniversary of the wedding between Napoleon I and Marie-Louise of Austria in Compiègne or „The Politics of Love“

Paris, 30 March 2010 - On 27 March 2010, a ceremony took place in Compiègne in the north of Paris in commemoration of the wedding of Emperor Napoleon I with Marie-Louise of Austria 200 years ago. A comprehensive exhibition titled „1810: Napoleon I & Marie-Louise in Compiègne – or the politics of love“ was officially inaugurated under the patronage of the French Cultural Minister Frédéric Mitterrand and the Austrian Ambassador in France Hubert Heiss.The exhibition also includes valuable pieces of art from the dowry of Marie-Louise. The exhibits provide a complete account of the special charisma and the influence of the „Autrichienne“ on Napoleon I, as well as of her work on his side.

The musical highlight of the ceremony was performed by the Vienna Chamber Choir and the Slovakian orchestra „Solamente Naturali“ in the stylish and musically appealing theatre of Compiègne,  with works that included the wedding cantata by Nepomuk Hummel, specially commissioned for the imperial wedding, and the „Ode à l’Hymen pour le mariage impérial“ by Luigi Maria Cherubini. The performance by the Vienna Chamber Choir was an example of Austrian choir culture in ultimate perfection. The realization of this gala concert with the support of the Austrian and the Slovakian Cultural Institutes in Paris was received by the French hosts and the French audience as an act of great artistic generosity and value.

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