Bucharest, 18 May 2010 Press release

Austrian decorations for Romanian academics

Paying tribute to co-operation with the Universities of Piteşti and Craiova

Bucharest, 18 May 2010 – Yesterday, at the Austrian Embassy in Bucharest, five members of the Universities of Piteşti and Craiova were presented with awards for their services in the field of academic co-operation with Austria, and in particular the University of Linz.

Those awarded are the Dean of the Faculty for Administration and Law of the University of Piteşti, Professor Eugen Chelaru; the former Dean, Professor Nicolae Barbu; Vice Dean Professor Anton-Florinel Bota-Moisin; Associate Professor Bianca Victoria Dabu, and Professor Bianca Maria Carmen Predescu of the University of Craiova.

The ceremony was held in the presence of the former President of Austria’s Federal Council, Professor Herbert Schambeck, and the Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Linz, Professor Heribert Franz Köck.

In his laudation, Austria’s Ambassador to Romania, Dr. Martin Eichtinger, emphasised the significance of forward-looking co-operation in the field of education, which has become a priority for Austria in recent years. Indeed, further to the commercial ties which arise from Austria’s longstanding position as the largest foreign investor in Romania, increasing collaboration within the framework of the European Union and the vivid exchange in the field of academia and education must not be forgotten. In this context, co-operation between Linz and Piteşti has been an outstanding example.

President Herbert Schambeck and Dean Heribert Köck emphasised the significance of academic co-operation in the united Europe, growing together to become a community of law, values and solidarity. Through their great commitment to working with other European universities - including the Johannes Kepler University in Linz - the Universities of Piteşti and Craiova had made an essential contribution to European unification. President Schambeck recalled Austria’s ongoing support for the enlargement of the European Union, which, in the wake of the fall of the Iron Curtain, had enabled the countries of Central and Eastern Europe to have their equal say in shaping Europe’s future.

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