Vienna, 11 November 2009 Press release

Visit by Nepalese delegation of constitutional jurists to Vienna

Vienna, November 12th 2009 - Following a ten-year civil war, on May 28th 2009 the Nepalese constituent assembly decided on the abolition of monarchy and proclaimed the Democratic Federal Republic of Nepal.Austria endeavours to support the peace process and make a concrete contribution to the constituent process in Nepal.

For this reason, Secretary General Dr. Johannes Kyrle met with a high-ranking delegation of Nepalese constitutional jurists.The objective of the meeting with Austrian constitutional jurists is to offer expertise in the area of constitutional law and the political practice relating thereto.The talks in Vienna underscore the city's role as a place of encounter and dialogue.

Apart from representatives of the International Law Department of the Foreign Ministry, the discussion partners offering expertise to the Nepalese delegation included the former President of the Constitutional Court Dr. Ludwig Adamovich, university professor Dr. Manfred Nowak, a human rights jurist and UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, and university professor Dr. Georg Lienbacher, head of the Constitutional Service of the Federal Chancellery.

The 2006 comprehensive peace agreement provides for the preparation of a federal constitution by May 2010.The political mission of the United Nations in Nepal (UNMIN) supports the country on its way to a stable democracy.Ever since the mission began, Austria has been sending two military observers to Nepal.

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