New York, 30 October 2009 Press release

The end of history or the beginning of the future?

Video art commentaries on the epochal turning point

New York, 30 October 2009 -  The Austrian Cultural Forum in New York and Kunsthalle Wien, in conjunction with the Czech Center, the Hungarian Cultural Center and the Romanian Cultural Institute, all based in New York, will present as their autumn highlight the video exhibition “1989: The end of history or the beginning of the future?”Fourteen films by international artists will be shown between 2 and 24 November 2009. The programme also comprises two panel discussions on aspects of suppression and revolution, the policy of commemoration, the fall of the Iron Curtain and the disillusionment with the alleged end of history.

The exhibition will be officially opened on 11 November 2009 by Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger.

1989: Who would have dared to hope twenty years ago that the dictatorial regimes of Central and Eastern European Communism would be swept away one after the other by mass protests by civil society? Democratic constitutions and market economic structures were introduced within a few years. At the same time these developments have given rise to quarrels over how to shape the future and how to interpret the past. The ‘annus mirabilis’ 1989 constitutes a historic turning point for ideological concepts, culture and mass psychology. The exhibition “1989: The end of history or the beginning of the future?”shows how video artists have responded to all these changes.

Participating artists: Marina Abramovic, Josef Dabernig, Thomas Draschan, Harun Farocki with Andrej Ujica, Anna Jermolaeva, Johanna Kandl, Jonas Mekas, Csaba Nemes, Jan Nepras, Marcel Odenbach, Marek Piwowski, Pushwagner, Joanna Rajkowska, Isa Rosenberger, Miha Štrukelj and Magda Tothova.


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