Vienna, 12 October 2009 Press release

Spindelegger: "The agreement signed by Turkey and Armenia constitutes a milestone for the two countries and the entire Black Sea region"

"Greater stability and security for the Black Sea region"

Vienna, 12 October 2009 – "The agreement signed by the foreign ministers of Turkey and Armenia on Saturday evening in Zurich and sealed with a historic handshake constitutes a milestone on the path to normalising relations between the two countries. This is a promising step for both countries, whose relations have been heavily burdened for almost exactly a century," stated Foreign Minister Spindelegger.

Basically, the agreement comprises two aspects, namely the opening of borders and the establishment of diplomatic relations. It still has to be ratified by the parliaments of the two countries.

"We hope that the two sides continue this process of rapprochement in order to overcome their remaining differences and take steps to ensure that the agreement can fully unfold its positive effects. These include greater stability and security for the entire Black Sea region, which is so important for both Austria and Europe," concluded Spindelegger.


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