Taipei, 27 October 2009 Press release

Rabbi of Taiwan is awarded the Grand Decoration of Honour

Taipei, October 27th 2009 – The Austrian-born Rabbi of Taiwan, Dr. Ephraim Ferdinand Einhorn was presented by the Head of the Austrian Office in Taipei, Sieglinde Spanlang with the Grand Decoration of Honour for Merit to the Republic of Austria awarded to him by the Austrian Federal President during the National Day celebrations on October 16th 2009.

The guests included several official representatives from the world of politics and business, the foreign offices, and from Taiwan’s Jewish Community.The Vienna Boys Choir provided the musical background at the event.

Dr. Ephraim Ferdinand Einhorn was born in Vienna in 1918 and emigrated at the age of five with his parents, who died later in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, first to England and then to the United States, where he embarked on a remarkable career and acquired the American citizenship.He served as a Rabbi in the Jewish communities of London, Toronto, Pennsylvania, Detroit, and Los Angeles, as well as in countries of Northern Africa and the Middle East.Dr. Ephraim Einhorn received high honours in 1944 from Lady Clementine Churchill, the wife of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, as an acknowledgement and recognition for his outstanding humanitarian engagement in the Red Cross during World War II.For some 30 years, Dr. Ephraim Einhorn has been the only Rabbi in Taiwan and is highly esteemed in business and political circles, as well as in Jewish communities in- and outside Taiwan.Recently Dr. Ephraim Einhorn earned particular merits for the development and promotion of relations between the countries of Eastern and Central Europe and Taiwan.

His engagement for dialogue, peace, reconciliation, and exchange between cultures, peoples, and religions, his open-mindedness, high erudition, as well as his inspirational talent continue to be distinctive features of the Rabbi’s personality up until his old age.


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