London, 7 October 2009 Press release

Peter Turrini’s "Shooting Rats" performed in London

London, 8 October 2009 – Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum in London, the British Fanshen Theatre Company is presenting Peter Turrini’s classic Shooting Rats. In an adaptation by Wilard Manus, this still relevant drama has been staged by Dan Barnard and Rachel Brisco at the Octagon Hall in South East London.

Evie and Ads have their first date. Evie wants to go to a fine restaurant, while Ads takes her to a place where nobody goes voluntarily: a waste dump. But it is at this very place where the young man and the young woman really get to know each other by trying to get rid of any ‘waste’ that is keeping them apart: consumer goods, language, social rules – and, finally, their clothes. A desperate attempt at liberation in order to lay bare their true selves. A drama about the problem of getting to know each other in a society which defines identity through consumer goods and reacts with brute force to people who move outside the capitalist order.

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