Teheran, 30 September 2009 Press release

Opening of the photo exhibition "In Afghanistan" at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Teheran

Teheran, 30 September 2009 - A photo exhibition titled "In Afghanistan" was opened yesterday, 29 September at the Austrian Cultural Forum. This event was a cooperation between the Austrian, Dutch, and Afghan embassies in Teheran.

Hans Stakelbeek is a successful Dutch photographer who spent a lot of time in Afghanistan and not only managed to shoot spectacular landscape images but also became very interested in the living conditions of the people in this country, an element clearly expressed in his photos.

In his welcoming address, Austrian Ambassador Michael Postl emphasized that this was only one of several cooperation projects organized with other states at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Teheran. The photo exhibition will be open to the public at the Austrian Cultural Forum until 21 October.

Next to photography, however, the evening was also dedicated to music. The Afghan Embassy in Teheran generously arranged for an Afghan music group that provided the corresponding background music and was enthusiastically received by the guests of the event.

The evening was topped off with a lecture by the Austrian political scientist and expert on Afghanistan, Prof. Wolfgang Danspeckgruber, who heads the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination at Princeton University, titled "Afghanistan: Challenges and Perspectives". Professor Danspeckgruber’s observations, as well as the photos and the Afghan music group were met with great interest by those present, among them several language students of the Cultural Forum.

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