Cracow, 19 October 2009 Press release

Lecture by Professor Erika Rosenberg at the Austrian Consulate General in Cracow on Oskar and Emilie Schindler, Wilhelm Canaris, and resistance during World War II

Cracow, 20 October 2009 - As part of a series of lectures throughout Europe to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, Professor Erika Rosenberg, curator and co-heir of Emilie and Oskar Schindler, delivered a lecture today in the gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Cracow on Oskar Schindler and on the latest findings of her research into Wilhelm Canaris and the resistance during World War II.During her stay in Cracow, she also gave a presentation on the same topic to students of the 9th Lyceum (grammar school) of Cracow.An exhibition from the Schindler estate is scheduled to go on display during 2010 at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Cracow.

Oskar Schindler, born on 28 April 1908 in Zwittau, in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, was a Sudeten-German industrialist, who saved some 1,200 Jewish forced labourers employed at his factory from murder in the extermination camps of the National Socialists.An Australian author wrote a bestseller novel based on his life story titled "Schindler’s List", which was turned into an Oscar-winning movie directed by Steven Spielberg and watched by hundreds of millions around the world.In 1962, Oskar Schindler received the honorary title of "Righteous Among the Nations" by the State of Israel.

Professor Rosenberg teaches German language and history at the Goethe Institute in Buenos Aires.She is also active as a journalist and has written several books.As a confident of Oskar Schindler’s widow Emilie, she also authored biographies of the two.

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