Ankara, 14 December 2009 Press release

Latest results of research into Ephesus excavations presented in Ankara

Ankara, 14 December 2009 – The Austrian Embassy in Ankara and the Austrian Archaeological Institute are currently presenting the latest results of their archaeological research into the former port city in the form of a large-scale photo exhibition in Ankara.

Shown at the Gallery of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the exhibition entitled “Ephesus – Ancient City in 2009”displays the latest developments of the excavations which have been carried out by the Archaeological Institute for over one hundred years.

In addition to the world-famous buildings such as the “Great Theatre”or the “Library of Celsus”, the finds from the earliest Neolithic settlement periods are increasingly becoming the focus of interest, testifying to the tremendous significance of the ancient city. “Ephesus is also a place of academic cooperation and exchange between Austria and Turkey,” stated Ambassador Gürer in her opening remarks at the exhibition last Friday, which was also attended by the co-director of the excavations and Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute, Dr. Sabine Ladstätter.

An extensive collection of exhibits is also housed at the Ephesus Museum of the“Museum of Art History”in Vienna. Since 1906, all finds have remained in their country of origin, Turkey, where they can be viewed at the Museums of Selcuk and Ephesus.

The “Ephesus – Ancient City in 2009” exhibition will be shown at the gallery of the Turkish Foreign Ministry until 25 December 2009.

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