Ankara, 16 October 2009 Press release

Joseph Haydn's "alla turca" music – Austria presents Haydn’s music in Ankara and Istanbul

Ankara, 16 October 2009 – This week, two concerts were performed in honour of composer Joseph Haydn under the motto “Haydn and the Orient” at the Austrian Embassy in Ankara and at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Istanbul.

Soprano Jennifer Davison, who has lived in Vienna for many years, and the outstanding young pianist Christoph Hinterhuber performed arias and music for piano by Haydn and Mozart as well as contemporary arrangements of compositions by Haydn, offering the audience a rich musical experience. Nadya Kayali, who works as a dramatic adviser in the field of music, created the narrative background for the musical journey. “Turkish culture, its music and narratives, inspired famous Austrian composers such as Haydn and Mozart, and thus had a strong impact on music.” The result was a new musical genre, the so-called “alla turca” composition, Kayali explained, underlining the long-standing cultural bonds between the two countries.

The two concerts were the musical highlights in a cycle of Austrian events in Turkey to mark the 200th anniversary of the death of the famous composer.

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