Santiago de Chile, 25 November 2009 Press release

Data retention - not only a European issue: Austrian expertise much in demand

Santiago de Chile, 26 November 2009 - Questions relating to the obligation to store communications data and the admissibility of doing so are currently being discussed by politicians, society and legal experts not only in Europe, but also in South America. In this process the experience gained in Europe serves as a role model, as law-making, teaching and jurisdiction in the field of internet law are further developed in Europe than in other regions of the world.

At the initiative of the Austrian Embassy in Santiago, Wolfgang Zankl, Professor at the University of Vienna and head of the european center for e-commerce and internet law, delivered a number of well-received lectures on internet law and data protection at three leading Chilean universities. Zankl provided insight into the legal situation in Europe and in consideration of fundamental rights urged the audience to be cautious as regards data retention, which is currently being transferred from European law to the national level, with the member states, including Austria, transposing it into national legislation.

In view of the cross-border character of the internet, comparative law is particularly useful; analyses and research results may well be transferred to other countries, including Chile. As Chile’s parliament is currently considering a draft bill on mobile data storage, the subject is very topical, with Professor Zankl´s statements attracting great attention.

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