Vienna, 27 November 2009 Press release

Award of Grand Decoration of Honour in Gold with Star to Dr. Márta Fekszi-Horváth

Vienna, 28 November 2009 - At a small formal ceremony at the Pallavicini Palace in Vienna, Secretary General Dr. Johannes Kyrle today presented Hungarian State Secretary Dr. Márta Fekszi-Horváth with the Grand Decoration of Honour in Gold with Star for services to the Republic of Austria.

Dr. Márta Fekszi-Horváth, who worked as a consultant at the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna from 1989 to 1991, is regarded as a friend of Austria who worked as State Secretary at the Hungarian Foreign Ministry from 2005 to 2009, and in this capacity earned great credit for further developing bilateral relations, particularly with regard to intensified cooperation between the two foreign ministries.

Not least because of her former diplomatic experiences (longstanding work in the consular field and as head of the International Law Department at Hungary’s Foreign Ministry), Márta Fekszi-Horváth has always been greatly committed to cooperation with Austria in the consular sector and the use of synergetic effects in the cooperation between the two countries. Several states (Montenegro, Indonesia, Moldova, Azerbaijan) saw the establishment of so-called co-locations, with Austrian and Hungarian diplomats having their offices in the same building. Austria and Hungary also operate numerous joint visa acceptance offices at the global level, in most cases together with other Schengen states.

State Secretary Dr. Márta Fekszi-Horváth, who recently - from April 2009 onwards - worked as head of the office of Hungary’s Foreign Minister Dr. Péter Balács, will shortly leave for New York, where she will head Hungary’s permanent representation at the United Nations.

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