Paris, 2 December 2008 Press release

"Vienna and the Reichskristallnacht"

Paris, 2 December 2008 - This evening, an event staged in the "Mémorial de la shoah" in Paris will be dealing with the topic of "The Reichskristallnacht in Austria" as part of an exhibition organized there in commemoration of the Reichskristallnacht ("La Nuit de Cristal - 9 Novembre 1938"). The event will focus on the current state of historical research and new archive material. The "Mémorial de la shoah", in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Paris, has invited Ingo Zechner, the Head of the Centre for Jewish victims of Nazi persecution in and from Austria, run by the Vienna Jewish Community, and Lothar Hölbling, the Head of the Archive of the Vienna Jewish Community to deliver speeches at the event.

When asked about the participation of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Paris at the event, the Director of the Cultural Forum, Christa Sauer said "The autumn of 1938 brought the destruction and looting of synagogues and Jewish shops throughout Austria, and the devastation and destruction of Jewish property. The majority of the Austrian people remained mere spectators of this ghastly drama, and only a few dared to intervene in favour of their Jewish neighbours.

It is therefore an honour for me that the officials of the "Mémorial de la shoah" have invited us to participate at their event. In view of the catastrophe of the Shoah, there can only be one motto for us: "Never again".

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