Vienna, 6 November 2008 Press release

Plassnik: "Lendvai makes it evident how at home Austria is in Europe"

Foreign Minister offers congratulations on "Honorary Award of the Austrian Book Trade"

Vienna, 6 November 2008 – "Paul Lendvai is a journalist in the best and most profound sense. His readers thank him with the precious asset of trust. His aim is to get close to reality and its many facets by way of perception and explanation. And quite apart from this objective part of his work, Paul Lendvai impresses his readers with his astuteness and accuracy of analysis, his alertness and fighting spirit," stated Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik today, congratulating the Hungarian-born journalist on receiving the "Honorary Award of the Austrian Book Trade".

"Paul Lendvai is a Hungarian, an Austrian and a European. His interest and his truly boundless curiosity are not only directed at his home country. They are also trained on the world, both the big picture and the details and the question of what it is that intrinsically holds the world together. He has always been an astute observer and a patient teacher. Lendvai’s work raises our country’s profile, repeatedly making it evident how at home Austria is in Europe," concluded Plassnik.

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