New York, 27 September 2008 Press release

Plassnik: "Confidence about the Austrian seat in the Security Council"

Foreign Minister on the Austrian candidature for a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council

Vienna, 27 September 2008 - Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik expressed confidence about the prospects of success for the Austrian candidature for the UN Security Council. "We receive a lot of encouragement and support from various groups of the international community," said the Minister. "The reason for this is primarily our year-long engagement in many areas of UN work, ranging from peace missions of Austrian blue helmets and human rights work to our commitment to disarmament, the environment, and development cooperation. Austria is a familiar and acknowledged partner from the Arab world to South America. Moreover, our EU membership has helped us accentuate our positive profile, for instance in Africa and Asia."

Plassnik added that "Austria is also seen by many partners in the UN as a reliable representative of medium-sized countries: large enough to perform all tasks in the UN’s most powerful body independently and with care, yet small enough to enjoy a lot of sympathy among countries in the weight class of less than 10 million inhabitants. This positively completes our profile as a candidate."

Plassnik: "We have strong and competent competitors. Therefore, we shall continue tirelessly to remind our partners of the advantages of an Austrian membership in the Security Council right up until the Election Day on 17 October. Over decades, we have developed a solid foundation of appreciation and esteem in the United Nations. Especially the staff of the Austrian Foreign Ministry has made a significant contribution to this. I thank them for this and I encourage them not to ease their efforts during this final spurt."

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