Paris, 24 November 2008 Press release

Homage to Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler

Austrian Cultural Forum in Paris commemorates the Austrian literary pundit at a colloquium of international experts

Paris, 24 November 2008 - On 25 November 2008, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Paris is organizing a colloquium of international experts titled "Homage to Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler" on the occasion of the sudden death of Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler last September, which will be attended by writers Robert Menasse and Evelyn Schlag (both former students of Schmidt-Dengler) and Germanists Konstanze Fliedl, Volker Kaukoreit, Jacques le Rider, Erika Tunner, Gerald Stieg and Jean Marie Winkler.The discussion will be moderated by the former General Director of the Austrian National Library, Dr. Hans Marte.

"Over decades, Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler was one of the most important and vital partners of Austrian cultural activities abroad. Through him, countless people around the world established links with and to Austrian literature, and it was he who enthused and inspired them to deal with the "vision du monde" of these authors", explains Dr. Christa Sauer, the director of the Cultural Forum in Paris, adding that "he possessed an almost unique ability to communicate his scientific work in a topically relevant manner, and he was fiercely passionate about 19th and 20th century Austrian literature.He was adamant thatthose who communicate literature communicate "une vision du monde" - they will reach over the fence of their own world of experiences and ideas into spheres which he was able to tap with seemingly playful lightness and academic austerity alike".

The colloquium will be held in the Austrian Embassy in Paris in the presence of the widow of Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler, Mrs. Maria Schmidt-Dengler.

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