Ankara, 24 October 2008 Press release

"1968" in Ankara

Ankara, 24 October 2008 - The Prague Spring came to an end 40 years ago. To mark the anniversary, at the initiative of the Austrian Embassy in Ankara, together with the Embassies of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, a symposium and a photo exhibition entitled "Prague Spring; Democracy Deprived" were organised on 22 and 23 October. The symposium was held at the well-known Bilkent University, and included three panel discussions and lectures by Slovak, Czech and Turkish participants. Austria was represented by Klas Daublebsky, head of the consular division at the Austrian Embassy in 1968 and later Ambassador to Prague, who highlighted Austria’s humanitarian policy and support for the refugees through the granting of thousands of visas for Czech citizens.

Turkey is of special importance in the context of the Prague Spring, as Alexander Dubcek acted as the Czech Ambassador to Ankara after the Prague Spring was over.

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