Vienna, 9 August 2007 Press release

Winkler: "Integration in multilateral structures is the best guarantee for security"


State Secretary Winkler at VIMUN 2007

Vienna, 9 August 2007 - "The young of today are the primary driving force of tomorrow. It is up to every generation to decide what it is willing to stand up for and how it faces challenges. Even the strongest and most influential country will not be able to solve global problems alone - they require global answers and joint solutions. International solidarity, mutual rapprochement, open-minded examination of other viewpoints as well as personal relationships are as important in politics and international contexts as they are in private life", said State Secretary Hans Winkler in a speech he gave at the UN conference simulation 'Vienna International Model United Nations'. "Not only do conferences such as this provide an insight into the workings of the United Nations, they are also an interesting opportunity of improving one's own skills and personality."

VIMUN 2007 is a simulation of a week of United Nations sessions attended by about 250 students and young university graduates from some 40 countries. VIMUN is organised every year with the support of the Ministry for European and International Affairs.

In his speech, Winkler underscored the importance of Vienna as one of the three UN headquarter cities and as a centre in the field of disarmament and international security. "A significant tie between Austria and the United Nations is our common commitment to a functioning multilateralism. Integration in multilateral structures is the best guarantee for the security of countries such as Austria which do not belong to any military alliance," stressed Winkler.

"However, United Nations membership - and in particular a seat on the Security Council - is not a right but a responsible commitment to the maintenance of peace and international security", said Winkler, who referred to the Austrian candidacy for membership of the Security Council for the years 2009/2010 in this context.

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