New York, 27 September 2007 Press release

Plassnik: "The EU and the Caribbean Community: global challenges to be tackled jointly"


Foreign Minister meets with counterpart from Antigua and Barbuda

New York, 27 September 2007 - "Based on last May’s summit between the EU, Latin America and the Caribbean region in Vienna, we are highly interested in strengthening our relations with the Caribbean states, including Antigua and Barbuda. Our goal is to build a sustainable partnership," stated Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik following her meeting with her colleague from Antigua and Barbuda, which at the beginning of 2008 will take over the chairmanship of Group 77, a loose coalition of 132 developing countries.

"The Caribbean Community is a young, dynamic example of successful regional cooperation. Like the European Union, its member states want to tackle the challenges of the 21st century jointly. Peace, security and stability in the world can be safeguarded only by multilateral cooperation based on trust. This conviction is shared on both sides of the Atlantic," stated Plassnik.

"The EU is aware that the small island states are most affected by global climate change. We shall therefore continue to take the concerns of these states into account both bilaterally and at the international negotiations on climate protection and focus on this topic and the question of energy security in our bi-regional cooperation," concluded the Foreign Minister, referring to the follow-up summit between the EU, Latin America and the Caribbean region scheduled for May 2008 in Vienna.

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