Brussels, 19 November 2007 Press release

Plassnik on Kosovo: "Prudence required by all parties involved in the status negotiations"


Plassnik in the run-up to the EU General Affairs and External Relations Council

Brussels, 19 November 2007 - "The elections have demonstrated the desire of the Kosovar people for independence", said Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik today in the run-up to the EU General Affairs and External Relations Council in Brussels.
At the same time, the Minister emphasized that the Kosovo troika is currently undertaking intensive efforts to reach a negotiated solution. "The elections in Kosovo must not distract our attention from this demanding, yet unfinished task. We support Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger and the Kosovo troika, which is leaving no stone unturned in its difficult task of reaching an agreement between Belgrade and Pristina."

"Realistically, however, the EU must prepare itself for the eventuality that there may be no agreement between Belgrade and Pristina", stressed Plassnik.

As to the announcement of the future Prime Minister Hashim Thaci that he intends to declare independence after 10 December, the Minister said that "This comes as no surprise. It is important that all partners in the status process now behave prudently and responsibly and are aware of the gravity of the situation. This holds true for both Belgrade and Pristina. The EU will in any case continue to demonstrate unity and agreement on this issue."

"The intention of the Vienna conference for Serbian and Kosovar women held 10 days ago was to underscore the necessity to quickly develop sustainable networks of good neighbourly relations. We want to support a positive movement. The objective is to expand the perspective toward Europe. Becoming fixated on a single word will not bring us any further", Plassnik added.

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