Vienna, 26 November 2007 Press release

Plassnik on Croatia: "Maintaining the course towards Europe"


Austria’s Foreign Minister on elections in Croatia

Vienna, 26 November 2007 - "In yesterday’s elections the Croatians have cast a clear vote, showing their confidence in the path towards a common Europe. What they have to do now is maintain their course towards Europe. Following the elections all political forces should focus on the implementation of the reform agenda," stated Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik in a first comment on the parliamentary elections in Croatia.

"Croatia is making good headway, as confirmed by the European Commission’s recent progress report. I am convinced that the future government will energetically address the points that are still open, such as the judicial and administrative reforms and the fight against corruption," stated Plassnik, appealing to the decision-makers in Zagreb to agree on the formation of a new government as quickly as possible.

Plassnik referred to Croatia’s task as a role model for the other states of the Western Balkans: "Croatia is paving the way for the entire region. The Croatian example illustrates that persistent work and a clear commitment to the reform process will pay off," stated the Foreign Minister.

"The EU and its Member States will keep their promise to the region," emphasised Plassnik, highlighting the significance of retaining the European perspective for the entire Balkan region. "Austria is fully committed to this perspective. The creation of a stability and security zone in this region of Europe is not possible otherwise. Austria as a reliable friend and partner will continue to provide support to Croatia and the region on their path to the EU," concluded Plassnik.

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