Rome/Vienna, 28 November 2007 Press release

Austrian Ambassador in Rome organizes charity dinner for "La Ruota Internazionale"


Donations will go to development projects in Africa and India

Rome/Vienna 28 November 2007 - The Italian society "ONNLUS ONG LA RUOTA INTERNAZIONALE" (The International Wheel) is committed to supporting development projects. The charity dinner organized today by the Austrian Ambassador in Rome will help collect donations to build a school in Uganda.

The project in Uganda is just the latest in a series of already implemented initiatives by the society, such as the renovation of the girls’ dormitory in the orphanage of "Sabgabugwa" in Kigoma/Tanzania, the establishment of an infirmary in an apartment building for single mothers in the Indian state of Kerala, or the drilling of a water well in the province of Mallè in Ethiopia.

The President of the Italian society expressed the gratitude of all society members to Ambassador Berlakovits, and the hope that this noble gesture will serve as an impetus and an example for other foreign representations in Italy.

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