Vienna, 6 August 2006 Press release

Plassnik: “Don’t miss this chance for Lebanon”


Foreign Minister on draft Security Council resolution

Vienna, 6 August 2006 - France submitted a draft for a Lebanon resolution to the UN Security Council on Saturday, 5 August. The foreign ministers of the Arab states are to meet in Beirut on Monday, 7 August to discuss the UN Security Council resolution in question.

"I appeal to Lebanon and the Arab states not to miss this chance. Lebanon should have confidence in the international community of states. The latter wants to restore peace and re-establish the full sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon. It is prepared to undertake great efforts to this end," said Foreign Minister Plassnik.

"Our common goal is that all people in the region are able to live in peace and security. We have to approach this goal step by step. The present draft UN Security Council resolution may serve as a basis for the cessation of hostilities, a sustainable ceasefire and a long-term solution. A UN-mandated international stabilisation force will also make its contribution to this," continued Plassnik.

"Diplomacy must now regain the upper hand. This will only be possible if all sides show a willingness for talks and compromise. Continued violence cannot bring security for anyone in the long run. The bloodshed has to be brought to a halt," Plassnik concluded.

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