Vienna, 11 December 2006 Press release

Common cultural roots in a united Europe: Poland – Austria


Consistent further development of cultural relations; meeting of the Mixed Polish-Austrian Commission

Vienna, 11 December 2006 - At the invitation of the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs a meeting of the Mixed Polish-Austrian Commission took place in Vienna on 4-5 December 2006. This Mixed Commission was established by the Agreement on Cooperation in the fields of Culture and Science concluded between the Republic of Austria and the People’s Republic of Poland in 1972. The work programme now adopted covers the period until the end of 2009 and may be extended by mutual agreement until the end of 2010.

Poland’s and Austria’s contribution to global and European heritage, the memory of the common historical ties between the two countries, and the intensive cultural dialogue are also reflected in the cooperation programme signed, which shall contribute to intensify the traditionally good cultural cooperation, particularly in the fields of science and technical cooperation and universities, school and non-school education and language instruction, culture and art as well as cultural institutions on both sides.

The adoption of the working programme shows that the EU partners Poland and Austria are still very interested in further developing bilateral cultural relations on the one hand and in intensifying cooperation in European and UN institutions on the other.

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