Vienna, 14 November 2005 Press release

Separate Entrance for Journalists attending the Islam Conference


At the beginning of the conference only

Vienna, 14 November 2005 – An additional and separate entrance to the conference "Islam in a Pluralistic World" has been organised to accommodate members of the diplomatic and the press corps. This separate entrance will be maintained for the beginning of the conference on Monday, November 14 and on Tuesday, November 15 only.

Members of the diplomatic and press corps may drive up to the Innere Burghof but not park there. In order to reach the Kleine Redoutenstiege please pass through the Schweizertor to the Schweizerhof. You will be met at the Kleine Redoutenstiege and escorted up to the Redoutensäle.

Members of the press are required to arrive one and a half hours prior to the opening ceremony. Anyone wishing to enter after the conference has begun must use the entrance located at Josefsplatz. Please note that cars are not allowed in the vicinity of the Josefsplatz before and for the duration of the conference.

Those wishing to leave the conference facilities must use the Kleine Redoutenstiege and egress via the Josefsplatz. Egress across the Schweizerhof will not be possible as the Innere Burghof will be secured. Please note that access to the Josefsplatz by car is only possible after the foreign delegations have left.

Please note that entry will be granted to registered members of the press only. Valid press credentials must be submitted at the accreditations table.

Contact for further enquiries:
Ministry for Foreign Affairs Press Department
Tel.: 050 1150-3262
Fax: 050 1159-213