Vienna, 7 July 2005 Press release

Plassnik: "Additional staff immediately sent to Austrian Embassy in London"


So far no indications of any Austrian victims

Vienna, 7 July 2005 - "Additional staff have been sent to the Austrian Embassy immediately as a direct response to today's devastating, malicious terror attacks on London. The staff of the Austrian Embassy in London is being stepped up today to ensure optimum care and service is available to Austrian citizens who are currently staying in Great Britain. A member of staff from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and two officials from the Ministry of the Interior will arrive in London early this evening. Another member of staff from the Embassy in London has already interrupted his holiday", said Minister for Foreign Affairs Ursula Plassnik on Thursday afternoon.

The Foreign Minister expressed her deep-felt sympathy for the families and friends of the victims and said: "I utterly condemn these terrorist attacks, the sole aim of which is to cause human suffering, destruction and devastation."

"The staff of the Austrian Embassy are in constant contact with the British authorities as well as with hospitals throughout the Greater London area in order to establish with certainty and as soon as possible whether Austrian citizens have also been affected by the attacks", said the Foreign Minister. Both the Embassy in London and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Vienna are available to provide information to people who have not yet been able to make contact with relatives or friends staying in London. "We are doing our utmost to help them contact their relatives as soon as possible", said Plassnik. The Citizens' Service of the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs is also cooperating very closely with the relevant tour operators. At present there are no indications of any Austrian victims.

"Here in Vienna we are in contact with the Embassy of the United Kingdom to find out whether and how we can provide support to our British partners", continued Plassnik.

As a result of today's attacks the Austrian Embassies around the world have immediately activated their crisis plans and have responded to the generally increased threat alert in line with the local background environment in the respective countries.