Vienna, 10 July 2005 Press release

Plassnik: "Luxembourg’s clear 'yes' vote has given a fresh impetus to the EU Constitution"


Vienna, 10 July 2005 - "Today Europe has given a powerful vital sign", Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik stated following the clearly positive outcome of the referendum in Luxembourg. "This result is particularly remarkable because the people of Luxembourg have voted in favour of the new EU Constitution in spite of the many uncertainties as to whether it will actually enter into force", Plassnik said.

"The 'yes' vote cast by Luxembourg is at the same time an impressive show of the people’s trust in Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn and Luxembourg’s European policy. In spite of the negative outcomes in France and the Netherlands they did not bring the European train to a halt", the Foreign Minister pointed out.

"The population of Luxembourg, one of the founding countries of the European Union, who today voted directly on issues relating to Europe’s future for the first time, have given us a clear mandate: cautiously but determinedly we have to continue advancing the European project. This holds particularly true for the European Constitution", stressed the Foreign Minister.

"It goes without saying that the clear 'yes' vote cast by Luxembourg must not be seen as carte blanche with respect to European policy. This is confirmed by a glance at the outcome in the south of Luxembourg. The negative outcome of the referendums in France and the Netherlands must not be forgotten either. We will be assessing and addressing the concerns and the negative results in very great detail. I attach the utmost importance to intensifying the discussion on Europe with the Austrian citizens. To this end we have launched the 'Europa hört zu' (Europe is listening) platform for dialogue which can be accessed via the homepages of the Foreign Ministry and the Federal Chancellery", Plassnik concluded.